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Re: What Would You Have Done?

I normally don't get involved in these type of conversations primarily due to the fact that in over 20 years of LE experience, much of it in supervisory positions, I've found that once someone gets the idea that they were racially profiled in their head, there is almost a 100% chance of failure of convincing them otherwise.  Perception is reality and even if you weren't profiled, in your mind you were and that's what makes incidents like this, sexual harassment, etc so difficult to prove/disprove and deal with.

Just something to consider.......first, if you feel that strongly about it, contact the supervisor there and at least bring it to his/her attention.  Be forewarned however that chances are that you will never know what the outcome was so expect to feel like nothing was done going in to it.

Second, whether you like it or not, such places are private property even though they are open to public access and as a result, they can kick you off, tell you not to take pictures, etc just because they feel like it.  That's not racial profiling.  That's private property and the representative of that property/it's owners doing what they are empowered to do.  That doesn't make it "right", and it isn't meant to make you feel better.  It just is what it is.

Finally, keep in mind that while you will probably never be willing to even consider it, the only person here who MAY be making this a racial issue is you.  Making your comments about the blonde haired white person or whatever it was (sorry, I didn't read everything in detail, I just skimmed some of it) is in fact doing exactly what you're accusing others of, in reverse.  The fact of the matter, and the only facts that anyone including you know is that you were told not to take photos there, and someone else was allowed to.  The person who told you not to take them made, by your own comments, no racial statements at all toward you.  The only person who has made it racial is you.  So for a minute, let's take race completely out of it and review what we know.  One person was allowed to do something that you weren't allowed even though you wanted to.  Again, on private property, that's their right.  Have you considered the fact that the person who was allowed to take photo's.....regardless of their race.....asked or was given permission to do so?  Yes, that's nothing more than an assumption, but it's just as realistic a possibility as it is that you were told not to for racial reasons.

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