First DSLR (debatable budget) D5200 vs. D7100

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Re: First DSLR (debatable budget) D5200 vs. D7100

Here's my opinion:  buy this:

And sign up for the adorama VIP club which costs about $8 and gives you an additional year of warranty through adorama.  Chances are you won't be able to tell it from brand new.  If you play with the camera/lens for 6 months and outgrow it, you could probably sell it on ebay for $300-350 and you'd only be out $100-150.

With the money you saved get the following, as money allows, in order:

1.  buy a 35mm f1.8g prime

2.  buy a 55-200 VR lens, refurb, from adorama for <$150

With these three lenses (includes kit lens) you'll be covered from 18-200mm and have a very good low light f1.8 option as well (which will do shallow depth of field pretty well too).

After you spend your next 6 months learning the basics of photography, buy a SB-700 flash.  It'll feel like you are learning photography from square 1 all over again, it's that complicated.

Now it's been 12 months... you've probably dropped your camera a few times, got dust and dirt on the sensor and mirror and panic'd, dropped/bumped your "cheap" lenses and figured out how to clean them and how not to clean them... etc... now you can feel free to sell the D5100 (again, not losing much money as the initial investment was small to begin with).  By now you will fully understand what you need and what you don't need.  And you didn't screw up any super expensive gear in the process.

Or... 12 months later you realize you don't need the super duper latest greatest camera or $1200 lenses and you're completely happy with what you have.

Win-win situation IMO.

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