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parallaxproblem wrote:

captura wrote:

You said, " FF lenses offer more subject isolation via narrower DOF which may be a good or bad thing depending on what you want to do"

- but a FF lens on an APS-C sensor will always behave as though it were an APS-C -designed lens.

Yes, I meant FF lenses using an FF sensor

You may not be aware that the DSLR SLT bodies are being replaced with a mirrorless design for next year. (or so they say.)

I did read that... and I'm wondering if this rumoured camera is in fact pencilled up as one of those replacements

Selling it as just a body with an alpha adaptor included (as they do with the VG900) would make it a 'sort-of' alpha camera which can also take existing APS-C NEX lenses (in 'crop' mode) or lenses of any other mount via an appropriate adaptor... which I guess is also the idea behind the VG900

That way they don't need to bother producing any full-frame NEX lenses for a while (in the same way they haven't bothered making any for the VG900)

Just a thought...

Really a good point, tying it into the VG900 like that.

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