Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

brian14478 wrote:

I agree with that assement..its a tough market and many 'shooters' not so much photographers are still a big influence due to a future market and an initial draw.

Yes, though while I can gripe about aspects of Sony systems that are not photographer-oriented, the fact is they're highly functional cameras and while the lens lineup may not immediately appeal to many enthusiasts, it's getting better and the compromises become more acceptable to more photographers over time.  Meanwhile, the consumer market is bigger than the enthusiast market in terms of numbers (I don't know about profit when you're comparing a 1-time purchase of a 2-lens kit versus all the gear that a gearhead buys over a few years).  Fuji went all out for the enthusiast and I appreciate that (I haven't bought a Fuji, but would factor that in) ... but is only starting to get around to trying to market to a bigger audience with a cheaper body.

I for one hope* to never see Wi-Fi and facebook uploading on an alpha but its probably going to happen. then again who knows... by then maybe I will think its cool and useful.

It's a fluff feature for me, but I can see the purpose - Thom Hogan writes frequently about camera makers needing to fight mobile phones based on what users want to do.  My wife now has to snap a picture of something even if I've shot it with my camera, because she can share it instantly rather than wait for me to download it and put it on a flash drive for her.

I don't see Sony changing its approach (designing for the consumer rather than the photographer) and I don't think that will necessarily doom it to failure.  It's not like the 1980's where you're fighting for upgrades of mature products against competitors who have mature products.  There are niches everywhere.  Based on my past experience with Sony over the years, Sony seems to do best when they can develop products that are mainstream, yet with technology or design that makes them sufficiently different from the competition that you can't really do an apples to oranges comparison, and then price them a big higher.  It's not really working in the Alpha line with EVFs as the differentiator, but I think they're coming into their own with products like the RX100 and RX1.

- Dennis

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