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No actually I'm serious.  But you won't do that, so I'll just say that you can't go wrong with any current Canon or Nikon.  If you're going to be shooting more sports and action I'd say 5D3.  If more landscape, then D800.  If you get off on pixel peeping or underexposing then pushing 3 stops, D800.  Both cameras do everything excellently, I just wouldn't want to deal with 36mp or goofy crop modes.

22mp cannot be called "kinda low" on resolution by any stretch of the imagination.  I've made pleasing 20x30" prints from 8mp, and sharp 8x10"s from 3.2mp.  There is no difference between 22mp and 24mp.  Well actually there is, 22 full frame megapixels will look better than 24 APS-C megapixels.  36mp is only 28% more resolution than 22mp.

Really what you should do is spend a solid hour in a store handling and shooting both cameras.  See which one feels better in your hands, and which one you can figure out how to operate better without opening the manual, and buy THAT camera.  I find Canons very intuitive and Nikons utterly confounding.  Many people feel the exact opposite.

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