D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

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Re: D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

RudyPohl wrote:

Humanoid wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Humanoid wrote:

It looks good but its fake.

RudyPohl wrote:

If the Heron was isolated on a separate image layer as I have done here, but then a completely different natural, more flattering background were put in to replace the original. Even if the person disclosed this I would have problem with it.


Humanoid thinks anything done to a photo makes it fake.

You, Rudy, give in and qualify your version of what is fake.

What I don't understand is where the line is.

If you change a background? If you only blur a background? If you change the exposure? If you adjust the DR? The white balance?

Is everything Ansel Adams did "fake" because he dodged and burned during his developing?I mean... none of the above is exactly what the photographer saw when he clicked the shutter.

I'm always amazed at people (not you Rudy) that pretend to be so "purist" that anything done to a photo makes it "fake", when ALL photos have always had something done to them.

Since the camera itself processes the image the way IT sees it, or the way your settings tell it to, you will never get a pure image.

Photography is art, not a historical record dependent on accuracy. What someone does to create their art is irrelevant.

Rudy, both of your photos involved adjustments made in software. So they are both "fake". And they are both very nice.

Shoot for you, not for others.

Don't put words into my mouth and speak for yourself not me. We all have the right to our opinions.

When you add a completely different background to an image or take the subject of an image and place it in another image I think it's safe to say its fake.:) Have some common sense.

Simple post processing IMO is not creating a fake as you may think. As I asked Rudy not you, how he would feel about his image if that was indeed the scene I'm sure it would answer his question.


Really sorry to see the discussion get heated, it was definitely not my intention....

Anyways Ray, can you clarify something for me please? I'm still not sure what you mean by "how he would feel about his image if that was indeed the scene"... are you asking how I would feel personally if someone took my picture and put that stylized background behind it?



Hi Rudy,

No worries man.  I'm asking if you came across a scene while out shooting, as the one you created and was able to capture the moments of of it, would it mean more to you than an image simply pshopped. I tend to think it would, as real emotion and feeling would be tied to the real image and the events surrounding it.  Wouldn't that be a spectacular moment.



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