Not a happy camper!

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Re: Not a happy camper!

That's too bad.  While anyone can have a preference to the software they use, do you mind sharing more detail as to why you don't like Aperture?

My experience is somewhat opposite of yours, and I now use Lightroom only to run plugins that don't work standalone.  I found Aperture to be quite a different program than Lightroom, even though at a first glance they look similar.  To understand and appreciate Aperture, one has to work with it on several projects.

What I like about Aperture are those main points:

-Excellent highlight and shadow recovery.

-Auto functions that get mostly pleasing results (Auto Exposure, Auto Curves, Auto Levels, One-Click skin-tone white balance).

-Ability to copy and paste (Lift and Stamp in Aperture parlance) auto settings, and Aperture evaluates each image individually instead of just pasting the auto results from the first image to the rest.

-Surprisingly good results in a JPG-only workflow in addition to RAW.

-Fast and smooth workflow (but that's in Lightroom also, except that the workflow is somewhat different).

Now Lightroom is nice too, and so is Photo Ninja, so the user should carefully evaluate all the programs they are intersted in and see how they can be utilized to suit their needs.

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