Exposure triangle explanation please.

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Re: Not yet an ISOless world!

Bobn2 wrote:

Jeff wrote:

If only that were actually true.

With today's sensors, {gain|ISO} does have an effect on the final image which is the introduction of noise.

Two errors here. One is that ISO is not gain. ISO is simply the relationship between exposure and tonality in the final image (for digital defined as a number in a sRGB file).

From some of the previous posts, I gathered ISO was being used synonymously with gain.  Regardless of technical distinctions.  Either twiddle 'ISO' in camera which doesn't exist on a mostly ISO-less camera or twiddle one in PP.

... the aim of exposure management is to maximise exposure in order to minimise noise, rather than to achieve 'correct' exposure for some predecided ISO setting.

This could be part of the schism here.  I believe we have people supporting a school of thought designed to maximize captured light and trying to teach this new school of thought to people that already maximize light captured consistent within constraints of the scene at hand and then fiddled with ISO or whatever it should be called.

ISO-less or partially ISO-ful, we all capture the same light.

From the comments most of us are making, I don't think this group is the type to say 'better set ISO 800 for this job because it is after 8pm' regardless of the conditions at hand.  I doubt I will see this group taking pictures of a pot of flowers at 1/1500.  Well, this pot of flowers is at rest and hasn't been hurled at someone.

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