Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

Dennis wrote:

IMO, that's all knee jerk reactions to a lot of screaming. If something is a big enough problem and enough people whine about it for a long enough period of time, Sony will do something about it. That's not the kind of listening I appreciate. I'd rather they find out what it is photographers want before producing the product. I don't think they talk much to photographers and certainly not to many with widely varying needs.

- Dennis

I  agree with that assement..its a tough market and many 'shooters' not so much photographers are still a big influence due to a future market and an initial draw.  a lot of photographers especially those who have had a film base could care less about many of the additions to what originally was meant to 'stop-time' and capture an image.-

gps/special effects...panoramas..all things many shooters would gladly do without for a more focused imaging body/lens system.

but these decorations so to speak sell cameras...especially with new and up and coming shooters. I find some nice myself but rarely use them(except maybe mfnr...which I would like to not want /have to use**in the first place.  and its nice to shoot five frames a second ,years ago either you had the fastest thumb in the west or you bought a winder

I for one hope* to never see Wi-Fi and facebook uploading on an alpha but its probably going to happen. then again who knows... by then maybe I will think its cool and useful.

Fuji and Olympus  went 'old-school' with camera bodies and has garnered respect/quality because of it. maybe sony will do the same??

knee jerk reaction....?-mostly yes, thanks brian

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