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Re: Price of FF mirrorless

parallaxproblem wrote:

Section10 wrote:

No, the price of a FF mirrorless is not 'just over half' the only other one. You're referring to Leica which is wildly known for being overpriced and you're forgetting RX1 which is mirrorless and FF for $2800.

In theory, If you take an RX1 ($2800) and take away the lens (-$1000) add an EVF (+$400) you're left with a $2200 body. If they make it even better with stabilization will add to the cost. Why a FF would NECESSARILY be $4000 is out of theory, most FF bodies start at $2800+- actually...mirrorless can justifiably be more for the "new technology" I'd guess around $3200.

But at $4000 for a small size FF, the RX1 will reign. I'd rather pay for an RX1 with a perfect lens than $1200 and no lens at all.

I think you are replying to another post, not to mine


Yes unfortunately theres no Reply To Thread under the last comment so we just hit Reply rather than go back to original page.

Typically if it doesn't sound anything like a response to the last comment its assumed its a reply to the thread.

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