Is it design of new GX?

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Re: That design is near perfect.

I hope for:

ISO100 (and not one that originally is ISO 200 and extended please!)

1/8000 or 1/16000 s shutter. So fastlenses can be used in bright light more often.

These 2 reasons are precisely why the OM-D doesn't interest me.

I was using my 45mm 1.8 over the weekend, but I could never use it wide open because it was too sunny!

Using it wide open is the reason why I bought this lens in the first place; it's a portrait lens! What are Oly and Pana thinking? Especially given their bodies start at either 160 or 200 ISO. Sure, one can use ND filters, but it's so inconvenient.

I'm actually surprised and very disappointed that high end bodies (GH3 and OM-D) only feature 1/4000 shutter speed.

We need ISO 100 minimum (50 would be a must) as well as 1/8000 minimum.

Depth of field is already quite limiting with MFT, so please allow us to use our lenses wide-open in bright day light!

electronic shutter

Would be nice.

AF tracking that is a notable step up

Not sure it's gonna happen. Algorithms seem to be too slow for this. Perhaps embedding a much more powerful CPU could improve the situation a little bit.

Sensor IQ between OMD-5 and current best in class APS-c ones (which sounds reasonable)

Seems doable if they were to use Sony's latest back-illuminated sensor tech (as shown in their RX100 II). However, this tech hasn't been used anywhere else yet.

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