Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

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Re: Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

With the raw files, I have the following observations.

The difference between the two images overall is almost none in real terms.

In the buildings on the left, the 5d3 actually has worse false colour streaking than the d800E. Check out the vent thing on the top of the left-most building.

Both have slight colour fringes around the highlight edges of the buildings on the left too, as well as green/purple on the white posts on the right.

The d800E has noticeably more detail and sharpness in the trees in the centre of the image.

The stuff in the distance is pretty much equal IMO. The d800e image is larger but isn't particularly resolving anything in the distance that you can't see in the 5d3 image. The distance/environmental haze and lens are probably the limiting factors here.

If you pull back both exposures by 1 stop, they are practically identical. Both gain some colour back in the sky, with the Canon having slightly more blue and Nikon slightly more green (using adobe standard profiles for both in Lightroom)

If you add two stops to both images (thus destroying the image of course by overexposing it massively), the 5d3 definitely has more noise in the shadow areas of the trees. The d800e is super clean still.

I'd give the overall edge to the d800e, but in reality they are both great and there is no real cause for concern with either camera.

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