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Miscellaneous thoughts moreso than C&C

This is an in-your-face picture challenging a viewer to think about design.

I would suppose this gate to be unique in the world. To my eye, it looks as if it were made somewhat after the peak of excellence in Craftsman design, imo falling short of that genre's elegant simplicity.  For example the spring coils appear to be afterthought embellishment analogous to post-completion, unnecessary brushstrokes of an artist.

Fortunately these features help make the gate an interesting and worthwhile photographic subject.

A gate is a statement to the outside world -- a first-impression creator. What were Esso thinking?

Keeping this gate rust-free and painted must be a maintenance nightmare. Also, it seems lightly-hinged for its assumed weight.

I can recommend Wikipedia's "Wrought Iron" entry -- fascinating history and facts.


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