Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

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Re: Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

everything about the HX50 is wonderful

I DID sell my Rx100, with the idea of replacing it with the MK II, but now I think not. I have a NEX 7 for critical work, and will stay with the 50 as a carry camera at least for now.

For those of us who own SLT or NEX cameras, the idea of dropping a few hundred dollars to add an additional lens is not the slightest bit uncommon. It is commonly recognized that each lens provides a specialty function that other lenses will not achieve or will provide a level of quality which is unachievable with some other lens which we may already own.

Therefore, I believe that owning more than one pocket-sized camera makes a great deal of sense. I will take the specific camera with me which seems best suited for the event I am going to be attending, and that may be the HX 20 on one day and the NEX 7 on another day or perhaps some other point-and-shoot.

The huge differences in image quality do not necessarily show up at web or computer screen size unless magnification and pixel peeping are used. The long reach of a 30 X optical zoom lens such as found on the HX 50 cannot be achieved in any equivalent way by cropping an RX-100 image.

I would therefore conclude that owning both cameras makes the most sense if financial considerations are not a problem. Fortunately, the HX 20 is now available at a very low price, and even the HX 50 is not an exceptionally expensive camera.


Very reasonable statement.  In my case I tend to want to shoot all sorts of images, all the time.  That suggests carrying 2 compact cameras, at which point an ILC might be better.  An HX60 with a slightly larger sensor, 15x zoom, less megapixels...why don't they just make what people want instead of playing stupid marketing games?

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