75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

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Re: 75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

May depend in part whether you shoot JPEG or RAW, and whether you set up LR to automatically remove CA. From what I can tell, most people who complain about CA on the Panasonic lenses are JPEG shooters. Fair enough, I suppose, but no need to insult or question the integrity of others over it.

I don't have the 35-100, but I shoot both the 7-14 and 12-35 on the OMD, and I. My LR5 import preset has the box to remove CA (I only shoot RAW). I find that I hardly ever have to perform additional corrections on the 12-35mm. Occasionally I do get marginal CA despite having the box ticked, but it's easily corrected and not even visible unless I actually go looking for it. Even then, it's often not worth worrying about. My experience is that marginal CA that is visible on screen does not show up on actual prints.

The 7-14mm, however, is a different story. I have to do additional corrections more frequently, and I sometimes get the purple blob phenomenon, which I never get on the 12-35mm. But then again, you can get photos on the 7-14 that you can't get on any other lens.

No lens is perfect, but some problems are easier to deal with than others. It's just a matter of which tradeoffs you're willing to make, and that's a personal question.

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