Exposure triangle explanation please.

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You're fixating on one idea of photography ...

texinwien wrote:

The last sentence is wrong. On an ISOless sensor, you can leave the sensor on base ISO ALWAYS and apply gain in post processing, if you're shooting RAW.

Eventually, this is how cameras will work - they will be completely ISOless, the ISO setting will go away, and you will be able to apply appropriate gain after you've taken the photo, allowing you to focus only on shutter speed and aperture.

We're not there yet, and you're fixating on only one form/style of photography.

First, not all of us want to shoot images at ISO 28,800 with dslrs.  We may prefer to constrain ISO to lower values to keep down noise, and are glad to accept the creative constraints to do so.  We want to know and perhaps constrain the {ISO|gain} at the time of exposure to have control over DR and noise in the final image.

Perhaps dslr sensors will have 20 stops of dynamic range in the not-so-distant future.  But that will be a longer time coming for the smallest format sensors which also have their creative uses.  For those folks ISO|gain will continue to be an important consideration at the time of exposure.

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