Exposure triangle explanation please.

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texinwien wrote:

I predict that ISO will mostly go away within a decade. For some of us, it already has. I, for instance, have a mostly ISO-less camera. I shoot RAW and almost always at base ISO, then apply the appropriate amount of gain in my post-processing step.

You're defeating your own argument.  A "mostly ISO-less camera" is an ISO camera.  You shoot "almost always at base ISO..."  Both of those statements indicate that you, like most everyone else that has a good working knowledge of photography, adjusts their ISO when necessary.  Like you, I like to keep my ISO at the base number, 100 in my case.  I only increase it if the amount of available light is insufficient for me to get the shot I want.  I don't know anybody who has a preference for a high ISO setting if a lower one is up to the task at hand.

ISO has been a factor in photography for a long time.  The nice thing about ISO on a DSLR is that we no longer have to make a commitment to a particular ISO for 36 shots.  But without the ability to adjust ISO, there are many pictures for which we'd have to sacrifice artistic sensibilities or we wouldn't be able to take at all.

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