Exposure triangle explanation please.

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TTMartin wrote:

You're forcing your photographic technique on the definition of photographic exposure. You camera isn't ISOless you just don't use other ISOs.

In my previous post, I said I understand 'ISO-less' cameras. It is a confusing term to me and I better say I believe I understand it.

ISO camera = my K20 where it really was better to raise ISO in camera; in some situations, I got lower noise using a higher ISO.

ISO-less camera = K5 where the noise levels are about the same whether use ISO in camera or in PP. I am still not convinced this is true through the entire range... My K20 only showed benefits to 1600 and after that, PP was the same.

So, yeah, they choose to not use other ISO. I still prefer to lift as little as possible in PP. Maybe it makes no diff, but I figure if I have to apply gain somewhere... may as well be in the camera. Anyway.

ADDED: and for anyone wondering why I wouldn't add exposure (Tv/Av-style), I mean a situation where I no longer care to increase physical exposure by lengthening shutter or whatever.  The constraints of the image require the depth of field or shutter I have set.  So, gain must be applied.  Or, ISO increased.

... Without a photographic medium you can't have an exposure.

How can you have any exposure if you don't load your medium ?

Your definition of exposure works for a film camera with no film in it.

mmm... You sound like a true Table 2 guy instead of a Table 1 fellow.

All of the things you say are photographic exposure can be done, shutter speed and aperture, etc. And yes, the empty back of the camera was exposed to light, but, there was NO PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPOSURE. You can not have photographic exposure void of a photographic medium.

Why not ? It's digital :^|

- - - - PS - loved the flux thing

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