45mm f1.8 for $200 in Canada only

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Re: 45mm f1.8 for $200 in Canada only

supeyugin1 wrote:

SteveEverett wrote:

When I ordered on June 14th they said ship in 7-10 days. When I followed up on June 24th they said three more weeks. I'll never order from these scammers again. B&H and Newegg for me.

Calm down. Henry's is a reputable Canadian store. It's almost like B&H. I ordered from them many times, and never had a problem. I also ordered 45mm from them on June 15th, and still waiting. I'll definitely wait, and they will deliver when they'll get it in stock.

I've ordered several things from Henry's - great service. When I got my NX200 from them, they sent along a $50 gift certificate; completely unexpected. I redeemed that on the NX16mm lens when they had it briefly on sale for ~$210; so that netted out to ~$160. Also, ordered and received the 60mm macro and 20mm when they were deeply discounted for a very short time. Received those here in the US in less than a week.

I did get the 45mm from B&H for $150. It took a month; which was expected. But it was very much worth the wait.

I hope everything works out for you.

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