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threed123 wrote:

Welcome. This is not a very active forum, so maybe you can give it a boost. Some forum contributors are using built in single lens 3D options, twin cameras, Panasonic 3D1 and Fuji W3. Each have their advantages and flaws. So it's a mixed bag of equipment discussions and images, and there is always discussion about what formats to use to show images on the forum, ie. crosseyed, sidebyside, anaglyph and the beat goes on.

While there are many active contributors in this topic, 3D photography is still much of a fringe area. This is not because 3D is not appealing but mainly because for most people, it takes much extra effort and hassle to view 3D pictures. This alone will greatly 'stifle' the growth of 3D photography.

But for me, since the time I learned to free-view 3D pairs only in cross-eyes mode, normal photos appeal little to me to the extent that I regard it as a big step backwards.

For me, there's no turning back. But Anaglyphs are tremendously enjoyable too, though the sacirifice in color is a minus point. Parallel-view pairs to me is a big no-no, except for viewing thumbnails only.

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