how do you make .MTS files playable on a TV?

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VSO ACVHD editor will make the AVCHD structure for your .MTS files

sdh wrote:

I apologize if this question is remedial.

Upon realizing that .MTS files play in windows media player without all the (seemingly pointless) folder structure the camera pads around the MTS file, I blew away said folder structure and kept only the .MTS files in my library.

Everything seemed fine until I tried loading videos onto a card to play on my TV. The TV didn't recognize anything. If I format the card with the camera, record some video, then stick the card in the TV, everything is fine. So Im guessing the TV needs the folder structure, index, thumbnail files and whatever else goes with AVCHD, to see & play the actual video?

If that's the case, then is a way to recreate that, having only the .MTS files? I've tried copying MTS files into the folder where the camera put new MTS files, but unsurprisingly the TV did not see the files I added.

Hi sdh,

exactly what you need is Free vso avchd editor. Google it. One limitation: it seems to work with AVCHD only, not AVCHD 2.0/Progressive/1920x1080p60. Well, full version may be even better.

  • Watch HD videos on TV
  • Build your personalized AVCHD stucture
  • Create a personal copy of blu-ray movie
  • Strip video of unwanted streams
  • drag + drop
  • edit playing order of files
  • custom chapter editing
  • Strip video of unwanted streams, i.e. removing all contents from a blu-ray movie except the "Main movie", i.e. capable of extracting only the main movie
  • Create a personal copy of blu-ray movie (with the help of AnyDVD) 1:1 with an AVCHD output structure, efficient when copying result to USB key
  • Create and build your personalized AVCHD structure. AVCHD Editor lets you edit and choose what parts from the whole structure you want to use in your final resulting project, like when you have an AVCHD camcorder coming from Sony, Panasonic, some Samsungs.


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