Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

artlmntl wrote:

Brian, what makes you think Sony is listening to A-mount customers? I don't see any evidence of that.

everyone was disappointed with well sony went and wiped-out a bit too much until the a57 came with the refined bionz processor and larger pixel size in the sesnsor. a weather -sealed body..the a77.  something a bit more compact..the a55/35/65/..less expensive? a37/a58

resolution lacking at high iso/noise? the new 20mp holds detail and handles noise...just not the 'one' for many for now.  the hot-shoe bs? -I believe the a58 went to a standard hot-shoe and imagine that will remain with the next alphas.  sigma lens incompatabiliy problems??? even some 20year old lenses now work on a65/a77's and many a57's that never were compatable.

but if they were truly listening  sony would get me a cup of coffee....guess i'll have to do that myself ha ha ha...( I think they are trying and doing...many irons in the fire that little sony company)

thank you,brian

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