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Re: I miss your judge for 6D

I think the 6d had the older  autofocus.. I'm pretty sure thats why i kicked that one to the curb in the begining.

That one sounded promising though... I put Auto focus near the  top of my list

Canon came out with that awsome new dual phase fancy words  focus system that should bleed nicely down into thier other cameras...

However the very top of my list is Dynamic Range.

That comment about who needs 4K? Well they already sell the panels.... I hold my ground on that one, no 4k , not a point that i would buy one of these cameras for.. Doesnt the 300 dollar go pro have 4k now?

I'm focusing on the photos... I am leaning d800 right now with the ability to shoot at 1.2 crop at 5fps...

But for some reason  I feel if Canon made the same camera (d800) it would perform much better .. thats my hesitation there.. In the end i want to buy the right companies lenses.. Tilt shift is cool I cant see my budget allowing for that anytime soon though..


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