Why would Sony use E-mount for a FF NEX?

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Dave Lively Senior Member • Posts: 1,778
Why would Sony use E-mount for a FF NEX?

All the rumors I see about a potential FF NEX assume it will use the current E-mount. Even by Sony standards this would be a strange decision. By using a mount too small to cover a 24x36 sensor Sony would be locking themselves into the wrong mount for the foreseeable future.

If you look at pictures of a VG-900 you can see that the mount blocks the corners of the sensor. When used with a wide angle to moderate telephoto lens this is not a problem since the light spreads out from the rear element and covers the sensor. But with longer lenses vignetting would occur. Since it is a video camera the VG-900 probably gets used in 16:9 a lot which avoids the extreme corners.

A wider mount would also allow sensor shift image stabilization that would work with  adapted A-mount, legacy and Ziess lenses.

If Sony had a bunch of E-mount lenses that could cover FF using the E-mount might make sense. But they do not have a single lens designed to cover FF. If they are going to have to design new lenses they might as well design them for a new mount wide enough to avoid any problems.

If Sony intends to sell this to people planning to use legacy lenses all they would have to do is buy a new adapter. I cannot believe anyone buying a $3000 camera body to use with their expensive collection of old Leica or Canon L lenses is going to be bothered by having to spend another $50 for a new adapter.

For all these reasons I seriously doubt that if we ever see a FF NEX with the current E-mount. Sony does have a couple of other options.

1 -They could come out with a “FFE” mount that is wider and has a registration distance short enough to allow the use of legacy lenses with an adapter but long enough to allow current E-mount owners to use the new FFE lenses with an adapter.

2 - Come out with a camera that has an interchangeable mount. Sort of like the Ricoh GXR but only the mount changes, not the sensor. They could have mount modules that fully supported E (in crop mode) and A mount lenses. Legacy lens owners could use an adapter and the E-mount module or Sony could even add a mount for M mount lenses since the patents have expired.

What would be the advantage of sticking with the E-mount?  The ability to use FF E-mount lenses that do not exist?

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