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stick25 wrote:

NEX maybe were born to provide compactness. But NEX is also following the path of all electronics, everything gets smaller. I don't believe it will be long before you see a Micro-SD slot in a NEX. FF cameras will follow the same path as all electronics. There are limitations on how small a lens can be and still provide IQ in relation to the size of the sensor. Larger lenses are necessary to put enough light on a FF sensor. So as long as there larger sensor, even as the camera gets smaller around them, you will still need the same size lens. Larger lenses are also necessary if you want to increase your reach. NEX is the only camera system I own and I don't have any problem putting a large lens on it to get the shot I want(I wish Sony would hurry up and come out with their E mount lens-mapped xx-300mm lens). Eventually as IQ and pixel density increases on all sized sensors there will diminishing returns on larger sensor and the larger formats will fade away and with them large lenses. It is inevitably, all electronics get smaller. The question of investing in FF lenses is how long will the fade take and I would guess you have to add in, how long will adapters stave off the death of the FF lens. IMO the top APS-C sensor are already starting to make FF unnecessary.

I don't think FF lenses will fade away:

1. FF lenses offer more subject isolation via narrower DOF which may be a good or bad thing depending on what you want to do

2. Full frame sensors will always offer better resolution and noise peformance than their smaller bretherin, assuming they all use the same level of technology

3. Most current mounts support full-frame sensors.  How likely is it that these mounts will vanish as long as the camera manufacturers survive?

4. A Sony NEX body with a full frame sensor in it doesn't need to be physically any bigger than one with an APS-C sensor inside.  It's only a matter of time before all NEX bodies have a full-frame sensor inside (though how much time is a good question)

5. Imagine an oversized sensor which covers the 44mm 'Full Frame' image circle...  you could use it with both FF and APS-C lenses and have any aspect ratio you wanted without losing resolution.  There would never be a need to move such a camera into 'portrait' orientation as the sensor could do this for you

6. P&S cameras are increasingly under threat from mobile phones.  Discrete cameras will need to offer something 'special' in order to be purchased separately, and (more importanty) actually physically carried around and used by their owners

As sensor costs drop I suspect we will see more FF sensors in cameras, and more FF lenses to support them...   APS-C is the format I suspect is under threat (and Micro-Four Thirds, eventually)

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