Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

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Re: Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

Lawrence Fleischer wrote:

All: I have the XE1, the 18-55mm, 14mm and the 55-200mm zoom. I'm looking for the smallest shoulder bag that can accommodate the camera and the 3 lenses. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Because of the height of the 55-200 that is a consideration.

The Think Tank Mirror-less mover 30i works perfect. If you do not take the 55-200 the Mirror-less mover 20 (size down) works) Both bags are nice for under $100.

You can look at the Think Tank Retrospective 5 is also the correct height and should work.

I personally have a problem with Billingham mainly because of the price. I think their bags are WAY overpriced for what you get VS what is available from Tenba, Think Tank, Kata etc. They are not so special to have to charge that much and I am the first person who will spend to buy it once when possible and if it is reasonable, IMO Not Billingham.

What ever you decide I suggest buying several camera bags and keep what you do not like. Just because I think Billingham is a waste of time and money does not mean it is not right for you. So buy or have shipped to you 4 - 5 camera bags knowing you have to most likely pay shipping at least to return but you will know.

Lowepro, Think Tank, Tenba, Domke, Kata are the brands I go to first. Tamrac and Crumpler are last.

I find Crumpler bags too ridged to work with so far as their construction is not comfortable IMO, but again you should buy several bags so down the line you will know.

B&H Photo, Adorama or Amazon is a good source for bags. Over time you will know if you are buying a bag that was returned. You know because manufacture tags are missing (that you have to cut off), packing or inserts can be missing, scuffs to the bag could be bad, zippers or closing mechanisms are broken or don't work well. Not the end of the world but I have returned a "new" bag if it looks really bad because I know it was already really used.

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