Nokia 808 Hyperfocal Focus=Super Quick Street Candids

Started Jun 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
dpfan32 Regular Member • Posts: 204
Re: Nokia 808 Hyperfocal Focus=Super Quick Street Candids

I have been using the PureView now for one year.

The Auto Focus is pretty fast and reliable at daylight. So absolutely no need of Hyperfocal setting.

But at night Hyperfocal is nessesery. Unfortunately when my friends in the club or pub are 2 meters away the don't turn really sharp as they would be with autofocus, which on the other side takes too long or fails totally.

So objects should be IMHO at least a few meters away, but at least more then 2m.

What is the difference between Hyperfocal and Infinity setting? I asked Damian but he didn't answer :/

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