75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

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Re: 75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD


I had almost the same dillema a little while ago.


I've been shooting opera and theatre for about 6 or 7 years. Mostly using 4/3's but now in the middle of going to m4/3's. Always using fast zooms.

I shot the Wizard of Oz with a 12-35 and a 50-200 for a few closeups. Because I got the whole show on the first rehearsal, I experimented and just shot with the 45 f1.8 on the second rehearsal.

You judge the difference in terms of apparent sharpness, exposure, DOF and composition. Perhaps this will help you make your decision.

These two shots show the typical difference in shooting with zoom or prime for that show.

shot 1

shot 2

It shouldn't be too difficult to pick which is the prime or zoom. The question is why and how important are the actual differences. I hope this helps with you decision.



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