silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

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Re: silky waterfall shots using a sl1000??????

I don't know how much control you have over shutter speeds or the max apertures on the camera you mention, but generally you want to use slower shutter speeds (1/15th or slower) and try to find waterfalls, etc., in less than bright sunlight (overcast, shade, early/late in the day) to allow these speeds. Depending on how steady you are, you can probably get away with 1/15 hand-held; anything slower you'll need to steady against a tree, etc., and better yet, use a tripod.

Here's a 'blurred-rushing-water' shot from an indoor waterfall at a local resort hotel:

Indoor waterfall, Opryland Hotel & Resort, Nashville, X10 hand-held

I generally tend to shoot at lower ISO's, and I was indoors, so these were pretty easy to get. Of course, having the f2-2.8 apertures on the X10 gives me a few more EV's to choose from instead of most P+S cameras where the slower max apertures would be more restrictive to low ISO work.

However, if you check the EXIF data for this shot, it came in at 1/10 at f6.4 at ISO 400, which is do-able with just about any camera out there, so you can really see the whole thing revolves around a slow enough shutter speed that's still the proper exposure to get the blurred effect.

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