45mm f1.8 for $200 in Canada only

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Re: 45mm f1.8 for $200 in Canada only

SteveEverett wrote:

Timmbits wrote:

BrendanSeabrook wrote:

Henry's in Canada is currently having a 100 off every Samsung lens. They don't have their first shipment of lenses in yet but you can pre-order the 45 for 200.

They haven't responded to my request for a status update on my order.

Has anyone else received any news?

When I ordered on June 14th they said ship in 7-10 days. When I followed up on June 24th they said three more weeks. I'll never order from these scammers again. B&H and Newegg for me.

Calm down. Henry's is a reputable Canadian store. It's almost like B&H. I ordered from them many times, and never had a problem. I also ordered 45mm from them on June 15th, and still waiting. I'll definitely wait, and they will deliver when they'll get it in stock.

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