Sony's Vision?

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Re: Sony's Vision?

time will tell I guess..

one consolation being  that many 20-25year-old lenses still functioning as new, many out-resolving and putting out nicer color/bokeh than many newer counterparts at a substantially lower cost, though used.

sony has been 'riding minolta' for quite a while and really is just beginning(as a whole) to put out their own high performance cameras and equipment in overall performance...

low light shooting and 'okay' lenses did nothing for sony for many years...then the 70-200g and 70-400 started to change that.

sony shot themselves in the foot also I think with the a55/a33 sigma compatability 'issues'. you can say it wasn't sony's fault but it very possibly was intentional.   now sony has alliances with tamron/Olympus/cz and god only knows how many other camera/lens manufacturers. -that is probably a good thing.

great imaging generally at lower iso only  until possibly the a580 did nothing to attract sports/wedding/or even portrait photographers..

sony is really a 'newborn' compared to Nikon/Olympus/pentax/canon and Fuji....the a99, the a58(sensor processor) cz and g-lenses and all of the nicer Minolta and third party glass will hopefully keep sony in the running and eventually gain a more loyal a-mount base.

I think sony is listening to dlsr/a-mount owners, time takes time I guess. its not happening overnight or as fast as we would like but it has been happening.

and I can only wish* someday to have the minolta600 f4-it has to be sweeeeet, thank you,brian

sorry about the long rant/blab*

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