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Not sure about the accuracy of your assessments...

King Redshirt wrote:


22 Mp.. kinda low i suspect for todays markets, i mean all of nikons 24Mp consumer models can create a larger image? booo

Practically there's a difference?

Great low light video, Great processor, high MB recording rate for video, No 4k its like going gaga over a VHS recorder.(Enter flame remark

Yeah, because 4K is something we all need right now. There are how many models of 4k displays available?

11.7 EV... My killer for this cam, reason # 1 why there is even a debate between this and the D800... I do expect much better dynamic range, I want to be able to pull up the shadows and highlights on request, or not need to at all. My NEX3N had 12..

Er, what?

Sony RAW DR:

Canon RAW DR:

The sensor itself does not seem to be much better than the Mark2, which could have been a great option if the autofocus system was better.

5dMark3 auto focus.... Sounds Fantastic, no complaints well done!

Digic5+ processor...sounds great, no complaints I think it can record video at 90mbs per sec

Too bad the SD slot isn't UHS...

Build quality...great

Menus and dials...easy to use

Lenses... a little more expensive than nikon, but what ever.. your gonna go broke buying lenses anyway

This is debatable, but it probably works out the same in the end.

no flash....well...odd to would be nice to have that option to trigger other flashes and just have something when i envitably forget mine somewhere.

USB 2.0 booo

With uncompressed HDMI output available, not sure how much of an issue this is.

Overall a good all rounder...

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