IS of prime 14 and 20mm lens

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Re: IS of prime 14 and 20mm lens

Phillip Tornero wrote:

Hello all. My question to the forum is this, It has been stated that neither the Panasonic prime 20mm or 14mm prime use IS. My quick question to you all is this: will the Panasonic body add the needed IS or are these lenses manual focus only? Thank you all for your answers. Im thinking the camera body will compensate IS for the lenses, but I could be mistaken.

Panasonic bodies do not have IBIS (unlike Olympus bodies).
Most primes do not have OIS (except the PL 45 f2.8 macro).

Any lens on Oly = stabilised (due to IBIS)
Most Primes on Panny = unstabilised

That being said, IS has kinda been overhyped... it isn't really needed for short focal length primes, and can't really make up for fast glass anyway.

(+ back in the old days of manual focus, no one had IS, even on massive focal lengths)

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