F900EXR Review. 4 1/2 Stars

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Re: How much latency in zoom lever?

CAcreeks wrote:

John McCormack wrote:

I like the E-fn menu. The ability to set six personal functions (four on the four way controller plus one each on the playback and video button) is nice. It's one of those features that you wonder why others have not implemented.

On the F750EXR, the Fn button gives access to only one function.

I don't like it because, especially when wearing gloves, I hit Fn instead of the shutter button. I will probably tape it over.

Is the F900EXR quick from power-on to zoom-in ready?

There's no lag from power-on to zoom becoming functional on the F900EXR as long as you wait until the power up is complete - about 1.5-2 seconds. If you try to enable zoom during the power up operation the zoom control may lag or freeze up. Not an issue for me.

How do you know when power up is complete? The LCD shows its viewfinder image sooner than 1.5 - 2 seconds.

I've never really given this any thought since it seems to work smoothly for me. I think whether there is any lag may depend on the amount of pressure you exert on the zoom controller and whether or not your finger slides the controller exactly in a horizontal way to the right without any downwardpressure on the controller. Just a guess. Gloves might be an issue also, but we don't wear gloves in Florida.

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