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Re: Typical Sony

docvale wrote:

Since this is a rumor, it has to be accepted cum grano salis.

$4000 is a lot of money, but, as someone else's already posted, it's a tad more than half the price of the only other FF mirrorless around. No surprise if the hypothetical FF Nex were more expensive than a D600 or a 6D...

I disagree and think the price mentioned is a surprise, and unjustified

The D600 etc include precision reflex mechanisms which are difficult and expensive to produce and m1anufacture.  One of the reasons for producing mirrorless cameras was that they could be simpler and cheaper to produce as they don't need all the legacy mechanics which DSLRs inherited from the previous century's film-based devices

I would be very surprised if the FF Nex will be anything more than a metal box containing a FF sensor and a refined version of technology which has already been developed for other cameras in the NEX series (inluding the VG900).  The sensor itself will be expensive but the rest... $20 component cost?

the target of such a product would be to compete with Leica, thus it should come with relatively compact primes (spanning between 15 and 90mm) rather than long range zooms.

Leica is a company that simply sticks their name on a Panasonic compact camera and then immediately ups the price by several hundred dollars - and still gets people buying it!

Nobody can 'compete' with that.  Likewise basing prices on those that Leica charge is not realistic other than recognising that you need to be 'much cheaper'

We cannot exclude that the final cost of the product might also be affected by the investment in designing lenses that cannot just be the current A-mount ones.

Those costs are normally recovered over the life of the system, not on the first model, otherwise every new system launch model would be impossibly expensive!

Anyway, who say's this camera (if it is not just a rumour) is going to have any matching lenses - the VG900 doesn't and owners are expected to buy an Alpha adaptor and lenses from that system!  Sony hasn't been particularly enthusiastic about supporting the NEX line with lenses since the system was launched so it would be a (welcome) surprise if they changed this attitude for any new FF model...

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