Are photo DVDs going extinct?

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Re: No. ....yes.

Joe Federer wrote:

brianric wrote:

Joe Federer wrote:

brianric wrote:

Joe F

Sounds like you already made your decision... and have zero interest in actually internalizing the advice of others.... so why did you ask?

RTFP, I asked are photo dvds going to be obsolete, I didn't ask what other alternatives I should go to.

I did 'f-ing' read your post.

From your post: "Do you feel DVDs will be an extinct medium within the next ten years. I hate like hell to drop the money on the Epson if DVDs will be obsolete soon."

Dozens of people responded saying that, yes, DVD's are obsolete and the alternatives are not only more cost effective but also increasing more user-friendly an accessible.

You responded to basically all of the saying "But... but... but... I'm going to keep using them and ignore the alternatives".

That's what I mean by "Why did you ask?".

And their are dozens who say dvds will still exist as a legitimate media for the transfer for some time to come. I'm tired of arguing with a jackass.

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