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GregMakamian wrote:

Hi guys,

These are my first photos that I'm posting. I would like to have some harsh criticism, as the only thing in my mind is to improve taking and editing photos. I got into photography about a month ago, but already had decent editing skills as I have been doing it since a young age for amateurish videos.

It's going to be difficult to be harsh because this is a really good set of photos.

I shot these with a new Nikon D7000, with the 18-105 kit lens which is ok for now. I also ordered a 50mm 1.8 which isn't here yet. Check it out:

Great idea to do a silhouette of this subject.  I recommend moving closer so that it's larger in the frame.  With the appendages twisting around, shooting this subject is kind of like creating a floral arrangement (not that I've ever done that).  The goal is to arrange all of the elements to show them off in the best way.  Given that you wanted the backlighting from the sun, you couldn't move around much, but maybe getting closer and shooting from a slightly different angle would improve the arrangement (maybe not, it's hard to say).  Also, the slight flaring of the light partially obscures some of the lines that you're trying to show off.

This is great.  I like seeing the out of focus background horizon along with the sharp, reflected horizon.  Maybe brighten the reflection some.

I think getting down lower so that he's silhouetted against the sky would be a little cleaner.  The sunlight creates a nice outline.

I was going to suggest pulling back a little to include the full shadow, but I don't think it would be worth it.  This is fantastic the way it is.  I love the ears.

Great work. Thanks for sharing,


Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time guys!

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