Severe contrast enhancements: on 45% rule — and cats

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Re: Severe contrast enhancements: on 45% rule — and cats

gwlaw99 wrote:

Would converting to LAB mode and only applying contrast enhancements to the L channel work?

As far as colors are concerned, there is no practical difference between this and my “variant 2” (or Tom’s method). Observe: what you propose is to keep the chromaticity intact. The only difference is that here you interpret “brightness” (of the brightness/chromaticity) pair as “luminance”, not as “level” (which is max(R,G,B)).

Comparing application of a curve to the level, and application to the luminocity, I may imagine that the results may be visually distinctive (but I expect the distinction to be very minor). On the other hand, if you keep the chromaticity intact, this distinction will not affect the chromaticity part of the image.

(And if it affects the “perceived chromaticity”, then only because the оf the mismatch between the “calculated chromaticity” and “perceived chromaticity”; and, AFAIK, this mismatch is not significant. So the “minor distinction” is multiplied by an “insignificant mismatch”. This is why I wrote “no practical difference” above.)

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