Exposure triangle explanation please.

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Re: Exposure triangle explanation please.

AnthonyL wrote:

clack wrote:

clack wrote:

Imagine a wooden triangle balancing on an nail.

If one of the corners goes down, at least one of the other two corners has to come up.

The corners of the triangle are called aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Look at the wooden triangle form the side so you see the three corners at equal distance dancing up and down.

Give each corner scale measuring ISO, Ts and A in the height variation of the corners

If you draw a series of bar graphs of the three values maintaining the same exposure value, you can draw in graph the balancing triangle as viewed from the side.

Yes I can see that as a good representation. All 3 corners can move, or if one corner is held fixed then the other two must "rock".

It would have the additional advantage of being quantitatively accurate if you made it horizontal slices through a pyramid with a triangular base, and where the height represented scene luminance.

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