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Re: Next NEX $4000.00? 1) it's a rumor, and 2) if true, not surprising

Although it's only a rumor, it's credible - and we should have seen this coming.

While there were those who fantasized something like 2X an NEX-6 in price, and simply a bit bigger, I noted in another thread the optical and economic reality when you increase image size, whether film or digital, everything gets darn big.

Scale a 24 x 36mm "sensor" to a 60 x 70mm - and everything gets bigger - and as the market gets vastly smaller, cost explodes even more than size.

You didn't notice the size increase when Nikon and Canon went FF digital because their APS-C cameras have always been sized to take their 35mm film-body lenses. And while the price of their FF DSLRs did go up substantially to cover the new sensor and electronics costs, the body itself didn't change much. Scaling a NEX to full-frame will demand start-from-scratch design - and without millions of Sony-mount FF lenses out there, the most successful route for them would be to license the Canon or Nikon mount, and focus on making a body full of Sony tech that affluent people want. If it doesn't have a built-in EVF, management is delusional.

Two points need to be remembered:

  • The simple fact is, APS-C sensors have gotten more than good enough - and the demand for FF isn't strong enough for a bit player like Sony to low-ball and gamble on volume. No matter what they price it at, they're unlikely to sell a boatload. Few of us - even pros - produce images that vastly outstrip a well-operated APS-C sensor. We post them on line, view them on iPads, and rarely make prints larger than 16x24 - most, a lot smaller.
  • What NEX-5n and NEX-6 and NEX-7 owners might want or be willing to spend for a FF will mean nothing to Sony. More likely they might hope that a $4000 NEX-9 might encourage more people to buy an NEX-6 or NEX-5n - much like a $30,000 Audi A4 makes those who want a $100,000 A8 feel better, even if the A4 can't outperform a VW Jetta.

A FF NEX solves no issue for me. No current NEX lenses will cover FF, except for legacy glass. I bought an NEX-6 to be a fun, portable camera that didn't cost more than an extra body for my Nikon DSLR. If I want a FF camera just to have one - and I do - I'll buy a Nikon D600 and tap all my manual and AF lenses, rather than start from scratch investing in a system that could be dead - along with the whole camera business - if lead investor Dan Loeb has his way, and the company reorganizes around entertainment and TV - period.

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