75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

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Re: 75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

I recently had to make this decision myself.  It was a tough call but I ultimately decided on the 75mm.  I must admit that I have no experience with the 35-100mm outside of a camera store.  In any case I'm very happy with my 75.  It's simply an amazing lens.  The Pany offers that full 70-200mm equivalent zoom range and that would be great to have but every other consideration; image quality, maximum aperture, size, weight, camera to lens compatibility, and especially price, all work in favor of the Olympus.

When you buy the Pany a good portion of your money is going for the image stabilization, something you won't llikely use on the OMD which has just about the best in camera I.S. system available.  You also tend to get some purple color fringing issues when Panasonic lenses are used on Olympus cameras because Panasonic likes to deal with these issues in-camera.  This issue is likely small with a quality lens like the 35-100 but I bet it's there.  My 7-14mm Pany suffers a bit from it on my OMD and it is not a cheap lens.  Factor these things in and the Pany seems a bit overpriced for OMD users in my opinion.

Hope this helps in your decision.

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