75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

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Re: 75mm Oly vs 35-100mm Pany on an OMD

kschultz wrote:

I am currently shooting with my OMD and the 20mm pany and 45mm oly.  I want to shoot some concerts, Beacon Theatre, Brooklyn Bowl and other smaller venues, plus some basketball.  None of the other zooms will be fast enough for indoors handheld, do I want the extra reach and versatility of the Pany?  Or is the Oly way sharper and being cheaper the right way to go?

Sorry if there are other threads on this, I did search.

Thanks, Kevin

Just to ask the obvious, are you sure you'll be allowed in to those venues with your system to take pictures? I guess that's always a show to show proposition, but I have not seen too many concerts around here where I could have hoped to get in with my E-M5 and 75/1.8, or a 35-100mm f2.8.

Taking an image captured with the E-M5 and a 75/1.8 and cropping it in just a little would be no worse than using the 35-100/f2.8 at 100mm and gets you an extra stop of speed. The difference between 100mm and 75mm is just not that much. It's more a matter of how much would the extra versatility of the zoom be worth to you? I waffle back & forth between zoom and prime outfits all the time. Today I have my E-M5 and the 12/17/45 and 75mm prime setup. Beautiful lens. You could definitely do much worse.

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