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Re: I'm debating: Micro Four Thirds or Nikon 1 system?

Well, I was also torn between the 2. Went for an end of stock G3 brand new for $220 instead of an end of stock V1 offered at a similar price.

As an amateur with limited means, figured out a 1-inch sensor would suit my needs and abilities. But one buys into a system and Nikon has a closed platform. Moreover it seems intent to curb the abilities/functionalities of its System 1 platform so as to make its entry DSLR more appealing. Waited a full year to see whether Sony would extend its 1 inch line or if another camera maker would jump in.

Not being the case, I finally chose the G3. Somewhat reluctantly knowing that the lenses would theoretically be heavier and more expensive. What finally switched me is Pana's announcement of the revised 14-140 mm lens which is much lighter (265 grams) than its predecessor, even slightly better and motorized (can be operated from a smartphone on the GF6 and G6). Together with the G3, it will make a nice kit for travel neither bulkier or heavier than a Pana FZ bridge. A Nikon CX 10-100 would have been heavier (515 gr), slower and would have cost about the same. Later on will add a stabilized E-PL5 and the smashing Oly 45 mm. 
If you don't need an EVF and want an uptodate body, you may take the GF6 into consideration. End of stock GX 1 should also provide good value and quality. In Europe E-PL5 and E-PM2 are still overpriced. They offer better value for money in the US.

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