14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

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Re: 14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

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I pondered over the same question and decided I wasn't going to buy the zoom for the simple reason that it is going to be too big (e.g. 77mm filter size iirc) - defeats the whole purpose of the system somehow. I went for the 14mm and I couldn't be happier.

What makes you think the filter size will be 77mm. I am expecting 62 - 67mm. The Zeiss 12mm is 67mm

I also agree that it will be a large filter size - nearly all other DX WA zooms are...

It's definitely a bonus that the 18-55 and 14mm take the same size filters.

Found this picture on-line. Pretty much answers the filter size question.

Great find. Still a protype nand subject to change, like the aperture ring on the 27mm but 72 makes sense. Zeiss is 67mm, my nikon 10-24 is 77 and I would have expected a little smaller.

Personally I was hoping it would be 67mm or less since i have 67mm filtes I use on my fuji lenses and also have a set of 77mm I was hoping to sell once I find a buyer for my nikon 10-24 (Listed for sale. In the selling forum). Anyway, I will now likely hold on to the filters for a bit.

I wish they woud just get those lenses out now, not early next year.

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