Exposure triangle explanation please.

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Re: available light (?)

i think with the ND, part of the triangle would not be tightened up or synched down.

the length of the arms represent the light we want for the light available in our scene.  if we toss on a 2-stop ND then we have decreased light available to strike the sensor.

the arms are set up for a good exposure on a sunny day.  if the light is dimmer (with either ND or twilight) the arms need to get bigger to gather more light.

a 2-stop ND could be offset by adding 2-stops of length to the loop of string.  this way there is additional slack in the string to lengthen the shutter 2 stops.

in a physical model, caribiners could be used to secure the loop.  to add an ND, a length of string could be clipped in. this makes the triangle/net bigger to catch more light.

maybe that is stretching the analogy...  :^)

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