Exposure triangle explanation please.

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Re: minor correction ...

Yes, your explanation is good.

The corners don't need to move.  Moving corners works if you want to consider surface area.  Yours works just as well and you have graphics.

I understand why you used elastic.  As you adjust one thing, others are pulled towards it.  The elastic stretches because they must retain contact with each other.

I also agree anywhere in the triangle is a good exposure as you have defined it.  Slop around anywhere in there changing parameters, one to offset the other, and you get the same exposure.  Slide outside the triangle and you got troubles.

Of course the image will have different characteristics depending upon which corner of the triangle you favor.  Different depth of field or blur or whatever.  But the exposure will be the same.

So, yeah, I know you know all that.  In other words, I think your model works fine.

AnthonyL wrote:

Thanks. I considered the approach of moving the apices (apexes) but for me at least I found keeping them fixed conceptually easier. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other really. What is actually incorrect with my model? ie what doesn't work?

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