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Re: CS5 Display

MagicCaptainMario wrote:

I think you may have changed the screen mode. Try hitting the letter "F" on your keyboard until the display reverts to what you are used to seeing.
You can also use the icon of two overlapping monitors at the bottom of the tool palette to select the screen mode you want to use. "Standard Screen Mode" seems to be what you want.

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Magic Captain Mario

Thanks Mario, but that didn't work. I went in to the window tab, selected arrange, then float in window and it put the view like it used to be, but when I reopened a photo, it reverted back. I also tried 'Float in all Windows', but same behavior. The float is what I want, but for some reason it won't STAY that way between closing and opening documents. It used to...

Thanks though,


BTW, I meant to post this in questions...

Thanks again...

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