14mm f2.8 or 10-24mm f4?

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apologies, I don't wish to hijack this thread, but I understand that you either have or have had the OMD and would appreciate some feedback if you'd like to offer it.

I'm currently looking at migrating to the XE1 (from m43/OMD) and wanted to hear from someone who has experience with both. Im primarily a landscape/nature shooter and wanted to know your thoughts on whether there's a significant different in output between the OMD and XE1?I pretty much am aware of the pros and cons for both, but what the difference in real life shooting and in outputs and print? Is it worth the move do you think?

thanks in advance.


Honestly, the raw output is about the same. The X-E1 has about a stop advantage where noise is concerned for high-ISO. As for which is the better camera, the E-M5 wins. It has amazing in-body image stabilization that works with any lens, AF that blows away the X-E1's and a flash system that makes Fujifilm's look like a joke.

What I like about the X-E1 is the traditional controls, the larger sensor (easier to get selective focus) and the 18-55mm zoom is better than anything available for m4/3.

I tend to prefer zooms and the 18-55 seems a good lens. The fact that it, plus the XE1, is cheaper than the panasonic 12-35 (different focal range tho) is very tempting.

None of the m43 kit zooms are good enough for landscapes. Way too soft at the edges and corners. The Fuji 18-55, OTOH, is excellent. If you are a zoom shooter and don't want to pay for the 12-35, then Fuji will serve you well.

Sharpness is not a flaw of the Panasonic 12-35. In fact, it's excellent in that regard. Light falloff in the corners is what's problematic for the 12-35.

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