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Crystal Ball Required...

Greetings all!

It my first time posting on this forum, whihch i have found very usefull so far.

I would like to get into photography, perhaps as a side business one day... Always loved it.

I have decided to go full frame DSLR, as in other hobby interests have taught me working your way up is more expensive, just go big.

I absolutley hate to ask you this becuase I know after reading hundreds of posts since last Nov, but I really would like some help choosing between Canon and Nikon.

Looked into sony, and even bought a NEX3N, hardly a pro camera but it took some great photos in Italy, low light performance with no flash could not rival my camera phone. Just by looking at Sony's Alpha line and seeing the photos and hearing how the a99 mated to the Ziess 24-70 can exibit some "rocking" between the two cut that option off to me.

Looking forward to seeing thier 2014 line of FF Mirrorless options... they should serve to push canikon in a new direction.

SO I have been looking at the D800 and 5dMark3... The truth is i dont think either one of them is where they need to be right now, in my amatuer non experianced

Heres what I found after a good portion of the years web searchs


22 Mp.. kinda low i suspect for todays markets, i mean all of nikons 24Mp consumer models can create a larger image? booo

Great low light video, Great processor, high MB recording rate for video, No 4k its like going gaga over a VHS recorder.(Enter flame remark

11.7 EV... My killer for this cam, reason # 1 why there is even a debate between this and the D800... I do expect much better dynamic range, I want to be able to pull up the shadows and highlights on request, or not need to at all. My NEX3N had 12..

The sensor itself does not seem to be much better than the Mark2, which could have been a great option if the autofocus system was better.

5dMark3 auto focus.... Sounds Fantastic, no complaints well done!

Digic5+ processor...sounds great, no complaints I think it can record video at 90mbs per sec

Build quality...great

Menus and dials...easy to use

Lenses... a little more expensive than nikon, but what ever.. your gonna go broke buying lenses anyway

no flash....well...odd to would be nice to have that option to trigger other flashes and just have something when i envitably forget mine somewhere.

USB 2.0 booo

Overall a good all rounder...


36mp...sweet... Alot of complaints and virtual crying about the size of files.. thats a computer problem, is cheap... I mean there must have been big tears about going from 8mp to 16mp that was probably the end of the world too.... I certainly wont blame the camera for that

4fps- to slow... and the buffer cant even keep that up for long... and the complaints are endless online .. an all rounder should be 5fps or more .

The Expeed 3 chip should be twinned and should allow for more transfer rates. Doesnt the 1dx do somthing like that ?

The 1.2 crop at 20mp and increased frame rate with grip is kind of the saving grace for the d800 for me anyway.

usb 3.0 good for you!

From complaints i hear about the 36 mp worth listening to are the ones about not getting a good focused shot as such reolution shows alot more flaws.

From what i've seen online the videos are not as good at night.. as the 5D3.. but it has a few cool features to play 4 k..... still a toy...(enter flame remarks

Build quality is great aswell and it had a focusing issue thats since been solved


Cant buy it because I dont primarily take photos of dust and oil, I have not been satified they have fixed this issue... if they did I may enter the scene with this camera. I spoke to nikon Canada and they said there is no issue with that.... Kept a striaght face too, i am proud of them..

SO Ideally I need a 5Dmark3 with the sonikon 36 xtrans mp chip inside... wow what a camera that would have been....drool!

SO what it comes down to is the crystal ball.... Will Canon make a camera with class leading or at least class avearge chip..because all numbers point otherwise, and insert flaming remark about not being all about numbers you can tell i've been reading these

Or Will nikon step up thier FPS, and processing power on thier next beast.

I would love to know the future because lenses are expensive and i want to start purchasing.

Has anyone found the 5D3 to be that much of a diffierence in Dynamic Range? Ususally in comparos you can see better into the shadows with the d800. But I ask because I tested the Nikon 1 against the NEX3n and the NEX on paper showed a better ev of 12 but the 11 ev of the nikon destroyed the Sony... If I still have those pics id love to show you..

Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 5D Mark III Canon EOS-1D Nikon D600 Nikon D800 Sony Alpha a99 Sony Alpha NEX-3N
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