Exposure triangle explanation please.

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Re: Exposure triangle explanation please.

AnthonyL wrote:

yooperguy wrote:

Perhaps this will help?


Seen that and dozens like it, so you increase the shutter speed, what happens to the triangle? How does the triangle itself help? What am I looking at? What do the sides represent? What do the apexes represent? Which way is more or less?

Once you know the value for one proper exposure you can easily choose other values.

For example if you are shooting volleyball in a gymnasium using an f/1.4 lens. You've got an exposure of Tv 1/800, Av f/1.4, and ISO 200.

You would like a greater depth of field, so you know you need to stop down your lens. You don't want to changer your shutter speed, and you don't want to shoot at over ISO 1600 because of noise.

So from ISO 200 to ISO 1600 is 3 stops (200 stop 400 stop 800 stop 1600), so you know you can stop down your lens to f/4 (f/1.4 stop f/2 stop f/2.8 stop f/4) and keep your shutter speed the same.

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